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At present there are many treatments that can greatly lessen the impact of tinnitus but no cure to eliminate tinnitus completely.

What’s Currently Happening in Tinnitus Treatment?


Currently EU governments are funding ‘TINNET’ a European Research Tinnitus Council, it is providing an action for better understanding of the heterogeneity of Tinnitus. This aims to improve and develop new treatment and intervention for tinnitus, funded by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST).


In August 2015 we began a tinnitus research study at our clinic to objectively verify the success rate of Lyric hearing aids as well as traditional hearing aids with a tinnitus management programme (white noise masker) for tinnitus sufferers.

Apart from obtaining an in-depth patient case history, the impact of tinnitus was evaluated by the patient before and after treatment using questionnaires.

For those suitable for Lyric

Since Lyric is worn 24/7 for months at a time, it also allows an opportunity to provide constant auditory stimulation to the ear, thereby reducing tinnitus perception and improving hearing simultaneously. Results indicated a significant reduction in the perception of tinnitus, anxiety and stress levels were reduced and a feeling of being ‘in control’ of tinnitus was reported within the first 24 hours. One participant reported that Lyric had changed her life.

Summary of results: Our results reinforced our belief that tinnitus suffers needs to be treated individually and highlighted the benefit questionnaires and testing protocols offer to provide structure and consistency to our service and allow us to rate success of treatment.


A new clinical study is starting in St. James hospital to evaluate the benefit of Lenire tinnitus treatment device. This is a neuromodulation device that targets auditory-somatosensory convergent structures in the brain that are involved in the generation of Tinnitus. The device delivers multimodal stimuli to modulate neuropathological activity and suppress the associated illusory sound. Lenire was launched in December 2014 and there has been a lot of marketing (TV & radio and conferences) about the device but lacked any published research.


Based in Sligo, Physics students at the University of Edinburgh and University College Dublin came up with a solution to the problem of temporary tinnitus in 2013. Using sound therapy apparently so effective that they claim it can cure cases of temporary tinnitus in 99% of cases. It uses a low-frequency audio treatment that aims to give a therapeutic benefit, it is available to purchase as a downloadable app. It is unclear on its effectiveness for long-term tinnitus sufferers.


What is Tinnitus? Find out with Ann Kelly Hearing

What is Tinnitus

Tinnitus is the perception of sound in the absence of external auditory stimulation, it most commonly presents as a high-pitched noise.

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Ann Kelly Hearing offers a tinnitus assessment service from their clinic in Dublin

Assessment of Tinnitus

Specifically for tinnitus assessment we carry out an interview with a tinnitus questionnaire to grade the impact and severity of the tinnitus.

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Ann Kelly offers tinnitus management services from their clinic in Dublin, Ireland

Tinnitus Management

People are often surprised to know that there are many effective ways to treat tinnitus so it is no longer bothersome for them, however there no cure to eliminate tinnitus completely.

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