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Your Journey

STAGE 1: History Assessment
From the first stage of detailed testing and discussion of your individual priorities and preferences we work with you to achieve the best hearing you can have. Special attention is given to evaluation of the impact of hearing difficulty to your particular lifestyle and understand your priorities.

We all lead different lives and have different priorities, the latest devices when professionally programmed, can really make your communication a great deal easier.

STAGE 2: Options
If a hearing aid or assistive device will benefit you, we will go through the different options to best suit your needs.

Features that you prefer will contribute to your choice of technology level. These options will be explained so you can make a clear easy informed choice of what you would like. We offer a range of levels from Entry through Advanced up to our Premium products which can deal very successfully with multiple challenging listening environments.

If you are ready to proceed we will take a precise impression of your ear and the fitting and follow-up protocol will be explained. We use extra soft impression material so a more comfortable, and more importantly, a more precise mould of your ear is achieved by computer scanning

STAGE 3: Fitting and Real Ear Measurement (REMs)
Fitting takes place two weeks later, the consultation starts with Real Ear Measurement (REMS), the gold standard of hearing aid fitting. During REMS the audiologist independently measures the exact performance your hearing aids deliver at the eardrum to ensure the setting precisely suits your hearing.

We place a tiny microphone in the ear close to the eardrum in order to perform the test. The REMs allow you to see on the display screen exactly what is happening at your eardrum independent of the hearing aid.

Why is REMS important?
All our ears have a different size, length and shape of ear canal so every hearing aid will deliver varying responses at the eardrum as a result. We measure at your eardrum with minute detail what the hearing aid delivers and make fine tuning adjustments to ensure you have precise amplification for soft sounds while keeping the loud sounds at a comfortable level. This is the gold standard for hearing aid fitting and you will be able to see these changes take place on the display screen as well as clearly hearing them!

You will be supported throughout the fitting process so you are comfortable with fitting and maintenance of your devices

STAGE 4: Trial period
You will have a trial period of 4 weeks with your aid, if you are not entirely satisfied you can return the device for full refund. It is our aim to enhance your hearing all day every day so it is important that you are trying devices in your own everyday real world and satisfied with the devices.

STAGE 5: Follow Up
Your first follow-up appointment will be made 7-10 days after the fitting. After you have been supported in adapting to your aids and are satisfied, you will be seen for follow-up appointments every 6 months to ensure you are always getting the best performance from your devices.

All Hearing Aids are supplied with a two year warranty.

Hearing Aids

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The services we provide are about you, our aim is to offer the best hearing aids with exceptional ear care

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Learn more about the Hearing Aid Assessment Journey at Kelly Hearing

Hearing Aid Journey

From the first stage of detailed testing and discussion of your individual priorities and preferences we work with you to achieve the best hearing you can have

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Styles of Aids and Devices

At Kelly Hearing we provide the best hearing aids using the latest technology professional programmed to give you the optimum hearing enhancement.

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First Consultant Approved Service in Ireland

Higher standards of audiological and customer care are assured in a Consultant Approved Service. We were delighted to be accredited as the first Consultant Approved Service in Ireland, external international assessors audited all aspects of our service which gives you the reassurance that we always follow best international practice.