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Hearing Aids


At Kelly Hearing we provide the best hearing aids using the latest technology, professionally programmed to give you the optimum hearing enhancement.

The advances in technology and cosmetic appeal of the hearing aids currently available allow you to get the best possible improvement in your hearing ability even in the most difficult listening environments.

Your satisfaction with hearing aids is assured by having a one-month no-obligation trial period with the devices. During the trial period you will be seen for follow-up appointments to ensure you are getting the most out of your hearing devices.

All hearing aids are supplied with a two-year warranty.

Depending on many factors such as technology level, your own personal preference, hearing loss, ear structure, and size chosen, the general price range is between €1,250 – €3,450 per ear.

PRSI Grants: PRSI will pay 50% of the cost of the hearing aid up to a maximum of €500 per aid (€1,000 for two) allowable every 4 years.

We also offer other assistive listening devices such as remote control, television devices which work via bluetooth, telephone that transmits the speaker's voice to both hearing aids, and devices to help you in challenging listening environments.

Hearing Aids

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Our Service

The services we provide are about you, our aim is to offer the best hearing aids with exceptional ear care

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Learn more about the Hearing Aid Assessment Journey at Kelly Hearing

Hearing Aid Journey

From the first stage of detailed testing and discussion of your individual priorities and preferences we work with you to achieve the best hearing you can have

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Assistive Listening Devices at Kelly Hearing

Styles of Aids and Devices

At Kelly Hearing we provide the best hearing aids using the latest technology professional programmed to give you the optimum hearing enhancement.

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First Consultant Approved Service in Ireland

Higher standards of audiological and customer care are assured in a Consultant Approved Service. We were delighted to be accredited as the first Consultant Approved Service in Ireland, external international assessors audited all aspects of our service which gives you the reassurance that we always follow best international practice.